Kanpur Dehat district is a district of Uttar Pradesh state in northern India. The administrative headquarters of the district are at Mati-Akbarpur. This district is part of Kanpur division.Kanpur Dehat is one of district of Uttar Pradesh in India. There are 5 Tehsils, 1,031 villages and 12 towns,16 police Station including  one Mahila Thana  at  Police Lines Mati Kanpur Dehat in Kanpur Dehat district.

The district is well connected by railways. Three rail tracks run through Kanpur Dehat district. The railway route connecting Delhi to Hawrah belonging to North Central zone of Indian Railways is passing through centre of the district. This railway track is broad gauge and fully electrified. The railway stations on this route through the district are BhaupurMaithaRoshan Mau Halt, RuraAmbiyapurJhinjhak and Parjani Halt. Rura Railway Station is the main railway Station of Kanpur Dehat District.

The second track is Kanpur to Jhansi railway line. The railway stations on this route are BinaurRasulpur GogumauTilaunchiPamanLalpurMalasaPukhrayan and Chaunrah. This broad gauge railway track is electrified also belongs to North Central zone.

The third railway line converted to broad gauge belongs to North Eastern Railway zone. The track runs parallel to the Ganges river. This track is also electrified.

Kanpur District was divided into two districts, namely Kanpur Nagar and Kanpur Dehat in year 1977. The two were reunited again in 1979 and again separated in 1981. Uttar Pradesh government decided to rename Kanpur Dehat district as Ramabai Nagar district on 1 July 2010.[2] In July 2012, it was returned to Kanpur Dehat.


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